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Summer is finally here!

By June 04, 2016

Hi guys! Summer has begun in North Carolina, based on today's scorching temperatures... it was a heat index of 103 in early June! Whaat?! I was playing in a little one-day tournament today and it was SO HOT! Before I teed off I warmed up for 1 hour and i was covered in sweat before even teeing off!! It has been like 85 here for the past 2 weeks probably and the weather has just been so amazing! I could go practice for a good 3 hours without that 'I am being baked' feeling. Do you guys know what I mean by that? Like the point where you are covered in sweat EVERYWHERE and it gets hard to breathe and you feel like jumping in an ice bath? The dreaded feeling that sends me stomping into the clubhouse where I go in the bathroom, wet a towel to put on my neck, and pat off the sweat on my face and hands. Today was a bit different... I was getting that 'baked' feeling on the first teebox. I luckily had lots and lots of water and I was all good until about number 12. I played really well on the front 9 (37), but then I kind of hit the wall and it was pretty bad. I don't know if I was dehydrated or what but I was REALLY feeling like I was going to pass out right then right there. But, strangely enough, I wasn't feeling hot at all... I was actually getting chills. I now know that's pretty bad... I'm very lucky to not have passed out! I must have been close... Definitely felt like it. I ended up finishing up okay with a 79, which was with a 37-42. I got 4th place in my division (broken up into two, a lower and upper. I got 4th in the upper division) which was good, a top 5 is always good!

I learned a lot about today, and not really about golf like I normally do. I really need to go get acclimated to the heat and I am 300% it was my stubborn self that wouldn't let me pass out. My mom was telling me that she really thought as soon as I made my last put I was going to black out. I didn't, and I cooled off inside and that is when I realized that I actually was sweating, and I actually was hot. I must say that was such an odd feeling being cold and sweating at the same time!

Sorry this post was so long and it didn't have much of a purpose but hey, I got a nice medal out of the deal haha.

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