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The Braided Blonde

Hello everyone! Long time no post, I know... my summer is finally calming down and I will be able to post more in these next two weeks. Until school starts... ugh. Hopefully I'll be able to set a good schedule and I will release that for what days I will be posting. I'm thinking 2 posts a week most likely, just because my course load is harder this year than last year's and my golf is ramping up as well. It's a fun and exciting process to get better, but it takes tremendous patience. If you are anything like me, you are seemingly always on the go and sometimes you eat lunch at 10 am, sometimes at 3 pm. There's never really a set time for me as I am most likely at the course around lunch time. Here are some super easy lunch ideas that I love!

1. Couscous

I recently discovered couscous and I will tell you, it's so good! I got some Harris Teeter Parmesan Couscous that takes literally 6 or 7 minutes to make... and probably that long to eat because it's so good! Just boil 1 1/4 cup of water with butter and the seasoning packet then let the couscous absorb the water for 5 minutes and lunch is served! I imagine that this dish would be GREAT with some zucchini and squash in a little pan with some olive oil and salt. The only thing... cleaning more dishes :(. I definitely love this!

2. Quest bars

My saving grace when I need something to keep me full until I can get food... Quest bars! I have discovered a new flavor... S'mores! Ahh it makes me want to die it's so dang good. The great thing about these... they have no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. It's made with stevia leaf extract instead! No aspartame! Also, it's loaded with fiber and minimal net carbs. 25 grams of protein is the icing on the cake! No lie, these bars taste like dessert! Sure they aren't an actual lunch, but they will tide you over until you can get some real food!

3. Jazzed-up sandwiches

You may be shaking your head thinking, "Duh, Channing. Everyone eats sandwiches for a fast lunch". But, if you're anything like me, you get bored of sandwiches very quickly. But, I do love sandwiches with King's Hawiian rolls! THOSE I will never get tired of! I love to make sandwiches with the hamburger buns and then add whatever meat, cheese, and/or condiment you want! Another way to jazz it up- add chips to it. Sure, that sounds really weird. But, the chips do give it a different texture which makes it seem like a different dish. I have also heard of sandwiches with apples on them, but I'm a little skeptical to try that... perhaps I should.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Bye!