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My Hair Care Routine

By June 11, 2016

Oh my gosh it has been SO long! I really apologize guys, I have had a crazy hectic week! Today I wanted to share my hair care routine! First off- I wanted to describe my hair type. I have very thick, somewhat course hair that is very curly on the bottom and more wavy on top. In the shower I use Nature's Gate Tea Tree Shampoo and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner. I towel dry my hair, then use my It's a 10 Spray along with my Bed Head Vitamin Spray (my newfound love!!). I then brush out some of my tangles with my Wet Brush. Then I use 3 pumps of Moroccan Oil (also one of my favorites!!!) and re-brush my hair with my Conair Thick Hair Hairbrush. When I need a little extra help with volume, I use Oribe Dry Shampoo. I love love love this dry shampoo becuase it doesn't leave a film on your hands when you shake out your hair and it also does a great job and conceals well!

I hope this helps you all, sorry for taking so long to post something!!

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