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How to prevent chlorine damage

By June 16, 2016

Hi everyone! I just got back from being out of town at a tournament and wanted to share some tips for summer! I finished t-25 and made the cut after two days to advance to match play but lost my match 4&3 and went home :(.

Your hair is very porous (especially if you have blonde hair like  me!) and so what you do before can make a big difference!

1. Deep conditioner- this is probably my favorite tip! Before you go out to the pool or beach, put some deep conditioner on your hair and it will keep it from getting super dry! This always saves my hair when I go on trips!

2. Cold water- if you don't have access to deep conditioner or normal conditioner on hand, you can always run some cold water on your hair before you go! Cold water seals the hair shaft, and your hair will not absorb as much chlorine in the pool water.

3. Special shampoo- When I was on my school swim team in middle school, my mom bought me 'swimmers shampoo' and I must say it's so awesome!

4. Double conditioner- this is something else I do when I shower after swimming, condition my hair twice! The first time, I use deep conditioner, and the second time I use a little normal conditioner in my roots just because they get pretty dry too.

I hope this tips help make summer hair a little more bearable :)

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