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My most-worn clothing items

By July 03, 2016

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing my favorite and most-worn clothing items just in time for Back To School shopping!

This is pretty much a list of things I wear waaaaay to much, but I sure do love them!!!

1. Stripes!
Striped shirts! I definitely over-wear stripes because they are so classic and look so polished. Not to mention they are super on-trend right now! I love this shirt from H&M that you can find here

Here are some of my favorite looks using stripes!

I love the peplum on this shirt! It's from Neiman Marcus!

I love the blush pink blazer with the stripes. So classic!

This dress is to die for! And the off-shoulder look is so cool

2. Quality Jeans
You can never go wrong with a good, quality pair of skinny jeans! My absolute favorite are Levi's!
Normally cheap jeans get really itchy and ride up by the end of the day OR they stretch way out. I finally decided to spend a little more and I'm so glad I did. Levi's aren't too expensive for how good the quality is! I've bought Hudson Jeans before but they didn't impress me. By the end of the day, I don't even want to take my Levi's off! I also love how you can make all the combinations with your inseam, waist size, and wash color! Normally I can't find jeans that are long enough for me but still have a small waist for tall and skinny girls like me! They also have different styles and tightnesses (is that a word??) which is so awesome! Go buy some!

3. Midi skirts
I absolutely love the midi skirt trend! I think it's awesome that midi skirts have emerged because they are so so cure and you can also stay modest while looking chic. I think it looks so polished, put-together and professional. That was a lot of P's! Sometimes to get a knee-length skirt, I buy a shorter midi skirt in petite haha. You do what you have to do when you're 6 feet tall and all legs!

Here are some more looks:

I love this look!

Everything about this is so perfect! The off-shoulder top with the blush pleated skirt works so well! And, chanel makes EVERYTHING better!!!
See a trend? STRIPES! But I do love the orange pop of color of this outfit!

Thanks for reading and I hope this post helps you out!

**all photos courtesy of Pinterest**

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