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Summer Packing List

By May 23, 2016

Hi guys! So today I wanted to share a good example of a packing list since I know summer is coming around the corner! Last summer my family and I went to Maui, Hawaii for 2 weeks and it was so amazing!! The only thing that wasn't amazing was all the luggage we hauled there and back... I had a large suitcase, golf club case (which I had to stuff with extra stuff on the way back), a carry-on duffel bag and a "personal bag". On the way there, everything, for the most part, fit inside the suitcase and duffel bag. On the way back... was a different story. I had failed to remember that you always come back with more than you went with... and I always seem to forget that. I ended up shoving some dresses in my bookbag, duffel, and golf club case while using any spare room my family members had in their bags to house the rest of my stuff. To help you guys not make that mistake, I am creating a packing list with everything I actually used and things I wish I had.
Swimsuits- I brought one 1 piece and 2 mix-and-match bikinis and that was plenty. If it makes you happy, you can bring an extra suit since they don't take up much space.
Dresses- sundresses, sundresses, sundresses. I pretty much lived in these while I was there because they are so darn comfy and you look like you tried haha. I brought 2 with me and wished I had more. I would recommend bringing 3 sundresses, then 1 nice dress to wear to eat out.
Tops- I brought so many tops that were specific to one type of outfit and that definitely didn't work out. Stick to the basics and bring one white and one practically colored tee. Bring one light blouse, one dressier shirt and one cotton t shirt.
Bottoms- I would say that 1 pair of plain denim shorts, 1 pair of white shorts, 1 pair of workout shorts, 1 pair of dressy shorts, 1 short skirt and 1 maxi should do the trick. I always like to bring more bottoms because they can mix and match well with the tops.
Underwear- For a two week trip, I would bring 7 pair (if your hotel has laundry). I only brought about 5 and I was always running quite low when we got the laundry back.
Toiletries- this is definitely where I went overboard... I brought full-size everything!! A few days before you leave for your trip, start making note of what you use every day. I would reccoumend having a bag out and every time you use a product, put it in the bag. That will eliminate the "well I might have to use this when I am there!" thought. Plus, if you really do need something, they have gift shops everywhere. But... BRING FEMININE PRODUCTS. Even if you do not plan on being on your period, bring them. Trust me. I was stuck last summer getting my period there with only 2 pads and 1 tampon that my mom had in her bag... We went to the store to get more only to realize that they only carried cotton applicator tampons on the island of Maui. Joy.

I hope this helps you from overpacking! I have linked some super cute outfits that would work so well for a hawaii trip or really anywhere you're going!
Anthropologie sundress
Gap shorts
Target tee shirts

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