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My Workout Routine

By May 25, 2016

Hi guys! In honor of me being so sore today that I could barely walk up stairs, I thought I would share my workout routine. I worked out yesterday and I took about 1.5 weeks off because I was sick and my cough lingered for quite a while, so I did get a little more sore than usual. Okay, a lot more sore than usual. So, I am going to share my routine as well as what you can do to prevent from getting sore (that I obviously failed to do yesterday...).

In a 1-hour workout, I will spend about 15 minutes or so on corework, depending on if I have access free weights to do my lifting. If I don't, I will spend more time here. I normally go on and off each exercise 30 seconds on 7 seconds on with no breaks inbetween sets and I choose from these exercises:
traditional plank
side plank
stir-the-pot (do a plank with your forearms on a yoga ball and spin arms in a circle)
side plank arm raises (side plank raising your arm, then tucking it under your armpit)
russian twists (use a medicine ball and sit in a V shape, twisting your body to touch the ball to the ground on each side of your hips)
leg lifts
butterfly kicks
6 inches (lift legs 6 inches of the ground and hold them there without letting them drop)

Next, I will work on cardio or speed drills. I am not much of a 'cardio bunny' as I do not run long, slow distances. I typically do HIIT because it's proven to be better for you and it also benefits the fast-twitch muscles you need in golf. If I am doing speed, I will do box jumps, hurdles, or sprints.

This is definitely where the majority of my time goes... weight training. **DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT A TRAINER IF YOU ARE INEXPERIENCED** I typically do 5x2 of hang cleans or hang snatches, then 5x4 of front squats, back squats, or deadlifts. My personal favorites are cleans and deadlifts. I feel like you are either a squat person or a deadlift person and there is no inbetween haha... I am definitely not a squat person because I hate the bar on my collarbone or back.

Upper body
For upper body I typically will start off with dumbell presses, dumbell rows, or rows with the bar. Once I finish up with that, I like to challenge myslef a few times a week to see how many pushups I can bust out (my current record is 26.. it can't seem to budge!!!). I will either do pushups without stopping or pushups in 2 minutes.

Cool Down
To avoid getting sore, you can foam roll before and after working out as well as hitting up the bike and going slow for 5 minutes to help loosen up and release the lactic acid that causes you to be sore. You can also foam roll after you are already sore but I will warn you now that it hurts to the point of tears sometimes if you are doing it right so I would be very intent on rolling before it hurts! 

I hope this helps you guys get ready for the summer!!

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  1. Sounds like a great workout routine! I definitely get into one once I pop baby #2 out lol Thanks for sharing!

    xo Raina

  2. Sounds like a great workout routine! I definitely get into one once I pop baby #2 out lol Thanks for sharing!

    xo Raina