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Happy Memorial Day!

By May 30, 2016

Hey guys! Happy Memorial day (and the somewhat cheesy picture of an american flag, I didn't get any pictures from today)! Today I played 18 with my dad and two of his friends in the morning then we had a cookout at the house with some friends and it was so fun :). I also made oreo brownies that were to die for! They are pretty easy- just make a double batch of brownies, half the batter on the bottom, cover in oreos, then pour the rest of the brownie batter on top! I think I am still in a sugar coma haha. As you could probably tell, I am trying out a new template for my site, let me know if you like it! I can't really decide if I like it or not, I think the header is a little small and it makes the pictures kind of weird but I'll just feel it out. Please give me any suggestions, I am still new at this! This is exam week and I am not super happy about it :(. I have one exam tomorrow, one on Wednesday, and one on Thursday so I suppose it could be worse. And it only counts as 20% of my yearly grade so that takes so much pressure off of me! After exams, I have to start studying for the ACT that I am taking in June. But after that I am good to go! I was supposed to play in a tournament this weekend and missed so much exam review on Friday to go down and play a practice round and I wake up on Saturday morning (the first day of the tournament) with food poisoning so I obviously could not play golf or study. It was absolutely horrible.

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