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How I Plan My Week

By May 19, 2016

Hi there! Today I am sharing how I plan my week! I am a very organized person and really like to have all of my ducks in a row before my week starts! I normally pick out my clothes the night before (I cant do that all over the weekend because weather can change very easily in North Carolina. If you are from here, you definitely understand haha). It's so funny, this past winter it was 75 degrees in DECEMBER! That's pretty much unheard of!! Then, it was snowing and school was delayed one week later! Crazy! Anyways, back to the point! I also love using planners to organize my school agenda as well as my social and golf agenda... well, mostly golf haha. There are so so many great planners out there and I typically order mine off of Amazon, just because it's super easy and they have a fantastic selection of planners to choose from! I wanted to share with you how I set up my planner for the week to keep me organized.

I got my homework planner from Target at the beginning of the school year and it's awesome! It's nothing too special, but it does have plenty of room to put down all of my homework while still being compact and easy to carry around. Side note: the neon pink and bronzey gold look so good together!

This second planner I ordered off of amazon, and so far I love it! I really like how it has the hourly segments so I can really keep a good plan of what I will do that day. I feel like I am so much more productive when I am organized! I like to highlight the sections of time with different colored highlighters, here's the color key:
green: getting ready, eating, normal and everyday activities
pink: school (which is almost done, btw!!)
orange: work/gym/school (by the way, you are probably wondering "what kid works at an office at 15 years old?! I actually clean my dad's office building for extra money since I will be getting my license this July! I also go to a golf crossfit gym 2 times a week and work out on my own 1 or 2 days a week at our little gym in my house or a gym we are members at.)
yellow: homework (I do a lot of my homework during school so I normally only have 2 hours or so when I get home. But Wednesdays are light homework nights so I only have about 1 hour then!)
red: down time
I also like how I can put a mini to-do list at the bottom to keep track of the really important things I need to do. I kind of wish the spots in that section were bigger, but that is okay. I also put days that I get sweets vs non-sugar days.

**sorry for the blurry pictures, whenever I take the pictures they are perfectly clear and then as soon as I upload them to my computer they get super blurry :(. I am trying to figure out what's wrong!!**

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