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Smoothie Bowl Formula

By May 14, 2016

Hey everybody! I am so sorry it's been so long since my last post, I have been super busy with schoolwork and everthing this week. Good news, summer is coming soon, so I can post more often then! Today I wanted to share my fool-proof smoothie bowl formula! I absolutely LOVE smoothie bowls (also called acai bowls), they are one of my favorite healthy snacks. I think it's so fun because you can create so many different flavors and you can also dress it up and make it look super cool. Here's the formula:

1. Thickening Protein
    2 tablespoons of greek yogurt

2. Liquid
     1/4 cup of milk or orange juice (orange juice will make it more tangy)

3. Fruit
    1 cup frozen berries (darker berries are better for you) and 1/2 fresh banana

4. Greens
    1 handful of kale or spinach, or use 1 scoop of my favorite superfood powder that you can find here
5. Protein powder
    1 scoop of sugar-free vanilla protein powder

6. Sweeten it up
    Add some raw agave, organic honey, or raw stevia. I like to use a tablespoon or so of honey and 2   spoonfulls of raw stevia. 

7. Toppings
    My favorite part! You can add any fruits, nuts, shredded coconut, granola, chocolate chips, chia seeds, or cocoa powder. I like to slice up the other half of the banana, a few semisweet or dark chocolate chips, and some chia seeds.

This is such a great and tasty snack! I love eating these for breakfast, and they are high in protein and low in sugar. It really keeps me full and it honestly tastes like dessert!! 

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