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16th birthday party!

By July 18, 2016

If you couldn't tell- my dog photobombed haha

What is my arm doing??

Dress: Vince Camuto (on sale)  Shoes: Matisse  Bracelet: Pandora  Necklace: David Yurman

Hey everyone! I just got back from my sweet 16th birthday party! Ahh, it was so much fun! I had 13 of my closest friends come, which was such a great number. I see so many of my peers having massive parties and I guess I just wasn't feeling that. As a little girl, we all image this huge ballroom and you're in this beautiful princess-y dress with like 100 people there for your sweet sixteen. Now that I'm actually 16, I definitely didn't want something that big. I wanted it big enough to have all of my close friends there, but not so big that it was a room full of kind-of friends. The tricky part of having a summer birthday is that most people cannot come due to vacations. I still had a good turnout this year though! We had some pizza and I passed around a memory book and had everyone fill out a page of memories we had. I'm so glad my mom came up with that idea and I will cherish that book forever! I read it after the party and I was cracking up at all of the old stories I had forgotten about. Next, we did 16 this-or-that questions about me, and I gave the winner a little notepad set :). It was random stuff like chocolate or vanilla and twitter or instagram. Then we had some amazing cupcakes from my favorite local bakery!! We got 6 flavors- double chocolate, chocolate strawberry, key lime, vanilla, strawberry shortcake, and red velvet. I had the chocolate strawberry and it was soooo good! That's probably my all-time favorite color combination!! They were so good. Then we opened gifts and just talked and took pictures for a while. It was so fun to be able to talk to everyone.

About my outfit- this. dress. It is so great! I love it so much! It was so comfy suprisingly and it was so perfect for the occasion. It was a bit expensive for a birthday party dress but I hope that I will find another good occasion to wear it because it's so pretty. I got my dress from Vince Camuto and it is supposed to be a midi dress... it hit me mid-thigh haha. But I sure do love the pink!

I hope you guys liked the post!

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