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Sisters night!

By June 01, 2016

This is my favorite picture! Please excuse my weird arm though haha! My mom snapped this while we were watching TV

Ohmygosh. Get in my belly!! I need to learn how to make this!

This got pretty heated haha

jumpsuit: One Clothing (similar here)  cross necklace:David Yurman

Hey everyone! My sister and I had a fun night to celebrate her award she got at school... highest GPA in her class!! We went to go get Mexican food at one of our favorite restaurants and it was beyond good!! We probably eat there way too often haha. We came home and made ice cream sundaes instead of getting churros there... we didn't want to wait. She had that amazing cupcake that I took a picture of from a cupcake shop called Smallcakes. We had a memorial day cookout with friends and they brought those over and we had some left. They looked so amazing! I opted for my favorite ice cream ever... mint chocolate chip! I remember when I was little my mom and I would always eat mint chocolate chip ice cream (my mom and I still do now!), so I think it somehow reminds me of my childhood, you know? And of course we had to add magic shell... what is ice cream without magic shell??
We ran to target today to get Addie a game for doing so well this year, and she chose Pie Face (oh, joy) and Monopoly: Here & Now. We played Monopoly and it was so fun! I must say, I love this version of Monopoly so much more! It is one of my favorite board games! The thing is with Monopoly, it takes so dang long to finish a game and by the time you are at the end you aren't even having fun anymore. This one is set up differently and we finished the game in 30 minutes. You fill up a passport tray with coins from each property you buy, and whoever fills theirs up first, wins. I would say it's a must-buy for younger kids because there aren't as many rules and they can understand it more. When we play normal monopoly, she never really knows what is going on but she likes to be the banker haha. But it's kind of difficult for a 7 year old to really get into it and think about how to spend her money, even if it is fake.
I also had 2 exams today that weren't that fun, but I did do well on them so that is good! We have to stay in the classroom for 1 hour and 15 minutes no matter what, but i finished one exam in 10 minutes because it was pretty much straight memorization so I could just fire off all the answers super quickly. For the 100-question exam, everyone finished in under 30 minutes.
I also went out for about 2 hours to practice, just to get some fresh air and work on some drills which was super fun. I think I probably putted and made 100 3-footers today, but repetition is key. So excited for summer so I can golf more, blog more, and relax more!! One more day!!

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