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My AM Skincare Routine

By July 07, 2016

Hello everyone! I feel like I have taken so long to finally post this, my skincare routine! A few weeks ago, I did a post on Save vs. Splurge: skincare. I love doing posts like that because I feel like I can share my knowledge with you all! I finally have my skin the way I want it so I believe it's a great time for me to post this. *DISCLAIMER: not all skin types are the same, so this routine won't work the same for everyone. I have normal skin but I get so much dead skin that clogs my pores, giving me way too many blackheads :(*

First off, I use my Burt's Bees Orange Essence Cleanser. I love this stuff because it's all-natural, effective, and helps wake me up in the morning with the orange-y citrus scent! I like to stay conscious of what chemicals I'm putting on my face so Burt's Bees is definitely awesome and very affordable. Next, I use my Refining Toner by, you guessed it, Burt's Bees! I love this stuff because it actually does brighten your skin AND it smells like dasies. How could it get better than that? If I have any spots of concern (aka my nose and chin where I am forever getting blackheads), I use Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads. I swear these little pads are the magic bullet for acne! Best. Acne. Product. Ever. It works SO fast and is extremely effective! I hold the pad down on a spot until it starts to tingle, and repeat every morning until it's gone, which is typically 2 days maximum. Definitely a Must-buy! After that, I just use my Cera Ve lotion and some Neutrogena sunscreen. Done!

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